It is the result of the wise union of two of the most precious Sicilian cultivars: the Tonda Iblea and the Nocellara Etnea. On the nose it has an intense fruit aroma, with notes of artichoke, oregano and green tomato. The flavour, characterised by a delicate bitterness with moderate spiciness which tends to rise until reaching balance, is pleasant to the palate and makes it a very versatile oil while cooking.



Nocellara del Belice and Moresca.


Sicily, Italy

Harvesting period

First veraison between mid-October and early November.

Harvesting method

Handpicked and separated by single variety.

Extraction method

Continuous process with cold extraction.

Processing times

Within 12 hours from harvest.

Biologico / Organic



The Feminò extra virgin olive oil lines are inspired by the Wind rose, a diagram that traces the path of the various air flows.
Indeed just like it was the result of a patient analysis by skilled researchers, Feminò products are the result of years of study of the best Sicilian cultivars.
From generation to generation, the knowledge gained has allowed us to get to precious mixes of goodness and well-being, with unmistakable taste and organoleptic properties.